Water is our oxygen

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Why has TDV Industries become involved in the issue of water ?

  • <> only 3 % of the water on earth is fresh water
  • <> 23 countries monopolise 2/3 of the world's water resources
  • <> 26 countries suffer from a severe shortage of fresh water
  • <> The textile industry, from raw materials through to garment care, has an impact on water wich we must measure, manage and reduce...

Water is a fragile natural resource. It forms the basis for all forms of life. We use it every day for essential purposes, our homes, food, the manufacture of goods, cultural uses, transport, etc.

As the world population continues to increase, the pressure placed on this resource and disparities in access to it are becoming extremely worrying.


Access to a source of water improved as a % of the total population (in 2004)

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What is water footprint ?




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