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This section will gradually be developed in order to present you with the richness and diversity of our businesses ranging from that of the weaver to the mechanic, the open-end machine-minder, the beamer, the adjuster, the technical chemist and the textile engineer.


12/2010 - WEAVING


In order to present this business, we put 3 questions to Yoann FAURE, a weaver for more than 6 years with TDV Industries weaving workshop .


Métier Tisserand

What does your business consist of, Yoann ?

I am responsible for coordinating a set of 18 looms which are used to manufacture fabrics from warp yarn (beams or box-rollers) and weft yarns (spools). I have to ensure that these machines are working correctly (stoppages, breakdowns, supplying spools, etc.) whilst checking the fabrics regularly.


What are the qualities required for this job ?

Since there are a lot of small details to consider and lots of different things involved, it is important above all to be well organised so as not to waste time. It took me several months before I felt like a real weaver and several years to gain proper experience. It is also important to remain calm to be able to deal with all the potential production problems without losing control and panicking! You also need to be prepared to walk as we sometimes cover several km during a work session whilst remaining attentive and observant. You also need to enjoy working in a team as, even if you are allocated to a battery, you never know in advance how things will turn out so it is better to obtain help and share the work load.

What is a weaver's knot ?

That is one of the first things you learn when you start! It is a flat knot which does not slip. After a while you make them automatically, like a reflex, to repair broken thread. You need to cut off the "lugs" as far as possible so that the fabric is as free as possible from flaws.


Coming soon : dyeing line driver

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