Technological innovations

A range of Tencel®/polyester-based fabrics



Tencel® is the trademark for Lyocell (CLY) fibre produced from eucalyptus pulp using a virtuous manufacturing process.


Ecological :

The manufacturing process used to produce Tencel® has a low environmental impact. The fiber, which is biodegradable, is extracted from eucalyptus wood growing exclusively in sustainably-managed forests certified by the FSC (Forest STewardship Council). Eucalyptus grows rapidly, without any artificial irrigation, pesticides or genetic manipulation. The non-toxic solvent used to spin the fibre is more than 99% recovered and recycled within a closed-loop circuit, guaranteeing that the fibre is entirely free from chemicals.

ecolabel_europeen   The fibre is Oekotex Standard 100-certified and has been awarded the European ecological label.


Comfort and Hygiene :

Tencel® is extremely strong and long-lasting, but is particularly recognised for its controlled and reliable absorbency. It absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton.

The moisture absorbed is wicked outwards, giving a natural feeling of freshness.

By absorbing and wicking away moisture, Tencel® fibres prevent bacteria from forming and multiplying in contact with the skin.


Pure and kind to skin :

Tencel® is smooth and flexible. This, along with its moisture-absorbing properties, means that it is perfectly suited to sensitive skins and can help avoid skin allergies.


All these properties make Tencel® a leading fibre in terms of comfort and well-being.

Start Up 255 - 2/1 Twill, 255 g/m2, 65% PES - 35% Lyocell

Start Up 215 - 2/1 Twill, 215 g/m2, 65% PES - 35% Lyocell

Start Up 135 - Canvas, 135 g/m2, 50% Thermo°CoolTM - 50% Lyocell



A range of fabrics made from hemp



Chanvre & texte



ECO-CLEANING : for more sustainability

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EDEN and COCOON, providing thermal comfort



Comfort is the main priority for users of professional clothing. TDV Industries works everyday to fulfil this requirement and is currently proposing EDEN and COCOON fabrics which offer dual performance in terms of retaining heat by thermal insulation or conversely a feeling of cooling through the evaporation of moisture.


These properties are provided thanks to the use of Advansa Thermo°Cool™ fibres.


EDEN   Plain, 135 g/m2, 65 % polyester Thermo°Cool™/ 35 % polyester.

COCOON   Twill 2/1, 285 g/m2, 50 % polyester Thermo°Cool™/ 50 % polyester.


Logo Thermo Cool

Thermo°Cool™ fibres consist of a mixture of hollow and multi-channel fibres providing thermal comfort in warm or cold environments in addition to natural heat regulation for the wearer.

Eden Cocoon remix - Anglais



Photoluminescent textiles : Luminight®



TDV Industries has developed a technology which can make a wide range of fabrics with different compositions and different weights/m2 photoluminescent.


The treated fabrics are exposed to daylight or artificial light. Once they are plunged into darkness, these fabrics remain visible in contrast to retro-reflective materials which require the presence of a light source in order to be visible.


This function is more effective with light colours (white, yellow, light grey, etc.).


The range of applications linked to safety and visibility is therefore very broad (protective clothing, signposting, decoration, etc.).


Textile photoluminescents à la lumière du jour
day's light
Textile photoluminescents dans l'obscurité complète
In complete



GREENFORCE : combining technology with nature




GREENFORCE is one of the latest developments in high-performance fabrics created by TDV Industries. The first fabrics created contained 30% of fibres from an organic polymer : the RILSAN ® which is characterised by a high resistance to abrasion.


Greater emphasis is being placed on materials of organic origin produced from renewable resources as our environmental conscience is increasing day by day.


RILSAN® is obtained as a result of successive transformations of castor beans; castor plant is an inedible plant which requires very little or no water. Rilsan® therefore helps to combat climatic changes : its production generates less CO2 and GHG than other polymers.



New range of colours based on plant dyes



Gamme coloris


In its concern to develop more environmentally-friendly products, TDV Industries is offering a new range of colours made from plant dyes with a cotton medium.


Colours : naturel, réglisse, tournesol, charbon.


Performances : resistant to 20 washes in a household cycle using liquid detergent.


The dyes :

The dyes used are soluble plant extracts obtained using selective processes creating rich, standardised extracts which comply with the industrial criteria in force. The extraction and production solvents used are all of natural, renewable origin (water, alcohol, agricultural) and more than 75% recycled.


The dyes used are non-toxic and GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).



Fabric labelling against imitations



Marquage tissus


In cooperation with a research laboratory, TDV Industries has developed a process whereby it labels its fabrics invisibly making it possible for them to be totally authenticated.


The technology is based on the use of micro-particles, or markers, which react to UV rays and are carefully integrated in our process.


These particles, which are visible in the dark under UV light, provide labelling which can be used to certify the origin of our fabrics.


Over a million marker formulations are possible, which means that an equivalent number of fabric coding possibilities are offered.


In addition to the UV detection of particles, the latter can be examined in a laboratory in order to determine whether our specific markers have actually been used.



CSR Report 2016


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