Monitoring, research and innovation process

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  • >  To identify information sources, collect, organise and disseminate ideas
  • >  To provide material for internal discussion ton confirm TDV Industries' research priorities
  • >  To identify and track technological developments and revolutions with potential to produce innovation breaktroughts for our industry
  • >  To constantly monitor our various markets and analyse developments within them
  • >  To study the current and future needs of our clients and final users
  • >  To detect and lead specific projects aiming to contribute new features
  • >  To create a network of technological partners and widen our research and innovation capabilities by developing connections with French and European research centres. Among other organisations, TDV Industries is a member of :
    • - the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing,
    • - 3 French textile competitive clusters :

CSR Report 2016


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