Two complementary research approach

Collaborative research

TDV Industries supports the approach taken by collaborative platforms in France and Europe. TDV Industries is a member, among other organisations, of three textile competitiveness clusters : Techtera, Up Tex and Pôle Fibres, and of the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing.

Trough this commitment, TDV Industries has become a well-known player within the industry on a European level and is involved in ambitious shared research projects. TDV Industries is also a member of the Safeprotex project, the aim of which is to develop garments with multiple protective functions, designed for emergency services teams and organisations working in risky, complex conditions on a daily basis.



Safe Protex
is funded by the European
Commission, under 7th
Framework Programme



Specific research led by TDV Industries

  • <> Comfort : improving wearability of fabrics with better body temperature regulation and a fresher feel in contact with skin
  • <>  Logo EcoCleaning : a treatment wich enables garments to be washed more effectively at lower temperatures, limiting the quantity of water and detergents required (lower wash temperatures avoid the need for cool down)
  • <> Warning fabrics : protecting employees working in potentially dangerous environments (aggressive, toxic, etc.)
  • <> Use of natural and biosourced fibres : as a substitute for traditional fibres in response to the shortages expected over the coming years, and to reduce environmental impact
  • <>  Well-being : to develop well-being in professional settings by making tasks less gruelling and facilitating effort

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