History : spanning three centuries

1866 - 1910 : In the beginning

TDV Industries established its roots in the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1866 the Coisne et Lambert families formed a partnership and created a textile factory in Armentières in northern France. This was a completely new concept as, at that time, workers operated looms from their homes. The boss provided the material and collected the finished products from the various houses so that they could be sold.


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1910 - 1950 : The effect of the two World Wars



War broke out in the north in 1914 causing terrible destruction. The weaving mill was even occupied for a while by the Germans forcing those in charge (2nd generation) to flee to Choisy le roi where they set up a makeshift mill which operated until 1920 whilst the younger generation prepared to take over. 

Business developed later on in particular with rubber manufacturers such as Michelin, Hutchinson and Goodrich who used textiles in the production of tyres. It was during this period that a small mill was purchased in Saint Quentin which was named « Le Tissage du Vermandois » related to the region situated between Picardie and Thiérache.

In 1938, the rumblings of the Second World War raised concern once again. The partners decided to seek out a mill in which they could take refuge in the Loire region. They found what they were looking for in Laval in Mayenne. The principal business gradually became established here and the machines were moved from Saint Quentin. The company was given the name Textile Du Vermandois as a tribute to the original mill.



1950 - 1980 : Diversification



The structure of the machines developed and new textile requirements emerged. The partners thus took a daring step by making a significant investment to make Textile Du Vermandois into an integrated mill within the space of only two years. This was in 1952...

The weaving process was thus supplemented upstream by a spinning facility in addition to downstream dyeing and finishing. The mill became autonomous and was able to cover the entire fabric production process from the raw materials (cotton and polyester) to the textile product ready to be made up. 

This integration still represents the winning strategic position of TDV Industries.

The company continued to perfect its structure and diversify and by the end of the 70s, TDV S.A. owned :

  • >  2 clothing factories - H. Roquette et Adolphe Lafont -
  • >  3 industrial textile factories - TDV Industries, Teintureries Thivel (69) and SEF, a flocking company in Laval -



1980 - 2000 : The European textile crisis



The 80s were marked by a number of drastic decisions for TDV Industries. The firm was once again completely revised as a result of nine years of uninterrupted investments enabling it to face the challenges of globalisation which was intensifying and challenging the entire European textile sector.

It was decided that the dressmaking activities would no longer be maintained and from this time onwards, TDV Industries continues to make fabrics intended to dress men and women at work, for civil as well as military sectors.



The 2000's : Growing environmental awareness



The pace was stepped up and techniques developed along with consumer expectations.

This trend was accompanied by the awareness that the planet's resources are not infinite and that man's impact on the environment is so significant that he poses a threat to its balance.

Convinced of the importance of being a leading player in this change, TDV Industries began to invest in 2005 in the development of the African fair trade cotton sector in partnership with Max Havelaar. An Agenda 21 was also established in 2006 and in 2009 TDV industries was the 1st industrial player to propose fabrics for professional clothing made from recycled polyester.

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The company is currently managed by the 5th generation through the intermediary of Christophe Lambert. The board of directors of TDV S.A. consists of five Coisne and Lambert representatives.



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