Organisation : Made in TDV Industries

By striving for Textile Excellence, TDV Industries has opted for a dynamic which does not encourage rest but which is based on continuous challenges in order to make the most effective choices in all areas.


Equipe Commerciale TDV

More specifically, this NEW MODEL will provide our DOWNSTREAM SECTOR with :

Passeport Excellence


  • o   reliability
  • o   competitiveness
  • o   eco-responsibility
  • o   flexibility, services



  • o  technical assistance (technical support, training, etc.)
  • o  the benefits of a network created by our technical, commercial and R& D teams
  • o  possibilities for development as a special partner
  • o  the provision of production tools and laboratories (sampling, monitoring, analysis, etc.) in the local area
  • o  an innovation committee providing a vision of the textiles of the future and working with breakthrough technologies


A TECHNO-CENTRE integrated in a production system :

  • o  training - seminars - modelling - encouragement of joint developments


A CENTRAL PLAYER helping to raise the awareness of all the parties involved (garment manufacturers, designers, administrations, prescribers) to the fact that they need to work together.


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The process-based approach


Our entire business has been divided into interdependent processes.

Each one is subject to specific monitoring on the basis of indicators.

This organisation is open-ended and can easily be adapted to its environment.


Organigramme processus


CSR Report 2016


Best wishes for 2018 from TDV Industries !




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